Meet Our CEO


My Fitness Journey begin as a kid growing up in South Carolina and Virginia. My Parents kept me busy in sports from youth to college. Then it was time for me to get a job How exciting right? Lol I studied criminal justice so Law enforcement I worked as a Government Security Profession al then Moved around to Federal Security and protecting foreign nationals. Every year we had a Weight and Height requirement and physical agility/fitness test. My Coworkers were so amazed on how I performed with my physical agility test they started wanted to work out with, that lead to the people that didn’t meet weight or pass the fitness part wanted me to get them in physical shape. We worked out on the weekend sometimes after work everything was perfect until One day playing basketball I hurt my knee dunking I had to have surgery, I couldn’t work for 8Months during that time I was thinking about my future I needed a backup plan so I got certified as a personal trainer and started my mobile personal training business from there my hobby turned into my passion which lead to a fulltime job!