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mommy Muscle Program

Slim Waist & Curvy Booty program

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Get your confidence back with the Mommy Muscle Program

Join women globally using 8Pack University Postpartum Program


  • 3 Month Gym and Home Training
  • Demonstrating videos of every exercise
  • 4 trainings/week 2 lower body and 2 upper body days
  • Workouts designed to help you heal, regain strength, and build muscle 
  • 30 min– 1 hour Workout


Mommy Muscle Body Program

I don’t want women to give up after having one or more babies thinking that their body will never be the same. the truth is that it probably won’t ever be the same, it can be even better.

Core Guide

Core healing workouts for women suffering from Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. “Mommy Pouch”, and / or have a weak core

Workouts that can be performed anywhere

Demonstrational Videos


1 Time Single & Small Group training

Have you ever thought about how fun it would be to workout with a group of friends, your spouse, or members of your family? Group training sessions are very popular with our clients, because 8Pack university offers the convenience of hosting a customized session in any setting you choose, even virtually or online


Our personal training services are meant to provide you with an enjoyable, customized workout routine that will benefit your entire group while you have fun and make memories together. When you have a workout partner to share one of our coaches with, you’ll gain confidence in your fitness abilities and be more driven to accomplish your goals.


Therapy & Nutrition

Sports training & Assessements

Performance is defined as a specific point in time when an athletic event will occur and for which an athlete prepares to demonstrate the best effort possible under the scrutiny of judges or against direct competition.

Are you looking to be more competitive? Are you looking to perform better? Maybe you just want to jump higher?

Packuniversity  Sports Performance Program focuses on specific movement patterns, conditioning, and testing to help you perform at the top of your genetic potential. The rest is left to practice.


8Packuniversity Trainer  is proffesional  athlete and Sports Trainer . We know what it takes to increase performance for any sport or just get you Mud Run ready. Connect us now and get the best sports training ever.


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

MY FAVORITE WORKOUT. HANDS DOWN. For years I’ve been bouncing between gyms and studios trying to stay motivated. It was hard for me to stick with a workout before getting frustrated from not seeing results. 8PackUniversity changed this for me. The variety in their workouts, instructors, and music give you the ability to find your workout niche! The attention to detail across these workouts really hone in on muscle groups you never focus on, that is, the muscle groups that MATTER for visible change. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, I highly recommend. Speaking of journeys, I drive 30 mins to get to work out and it is SO worth it!


Julie White

I love 8PackUNiversity after just a few weeks I have noticed increased core strength, higher energy level and I am sleeping better. The atmosphere is kind, welcoming, and helpful with modifications when needed. I enjoy that every class is a little different and keeps me challenged. I tend to get bored with the gym, so this has been a great addition to my physical fitness routine. I highly recommend!



Brittany King

This is the best place to work out! it is so energetic and fun-there is no class that I don’t like! SO much fun to do with friends or solo! :))). Ilove the way he teaches and i really got best results . I truly recommend all that you should enroll and get benifits rather that doing other non meaningful stuff

AVA Malley


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